Off the beaten track in Puxi

A few weeks ago I went to Ocean World near Zhongshan Park in Changning district.  It was a fairly new aquarium, well-kept and apparently French-owned.  I recommend it for families, though it is a tad pricey (around ~160 rmb).

A couple nights ago I went to the House of Blues & Jazz near The Bund.  I do not recommend it for anyone.  The seating was completely cramped (sardine style), the management was quite pretentious and the food was ridiculously overpriced (112 rmb for a small cheese platter).  Worst of all, there is a 50 rmb cover charge per person and the band doesn’t start playing until after 10pm.  So if you don’t like their tunes you’re too far away to catch the last subway home and thus will spend even more on a taxi.

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