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Great Wall of Numbers: Business Opportunities & Challenges in ChinaForeword
Chapter 1 – Potential market size
Chapter 2 – Selling books and content
Chapter 3 – Food and beverage
Chapter 4 – Hospitality
Chapter 5 – Financial services
Chapter 6 – Games, health and robotic related services for the elderly
Chapter 7 – Exporting manufactured goods to China
Chapter 8 – Sports
Chapter 9 – The education market
Chapter 10 – Legal services
Chapter 11 – Luxury goods, amenities and art
Chapter 12 – Social Media and marketing your brand
Chapter 13 – IT and software services
Chapter 14 – Pop Culture
Chapter 15 – Human resource and infrastructure challenges
Chapter 16 – Localizing and understanding your customer
Chapter 17 – Architects, aviation and debt structuring
Chapter 18 – Retirees, Insurance and NGOs
Chapter 19 – Health Care
Chapter 20 – VPN and infrastructure services
Chapter 21 – Synthesis and implementation
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Great Wall of Numbers: Business Opportunities & Challenges in China by Tim Swanson

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