Events and activities through April

The first several months of the year have been pretty packed with undeserved pomp and circumstance.  In general the “cryptocurrency world” has lost whatever remaining marbles it had and gone backwards to repeating the same tropes from 2014.  Many of the same sub-par ideas are being proposed (like colored coins) yet there were several fundamental reasons these types of ideas didn’t get off the drawing board four years ago and will not for the same reasons again.

The noise around “blockchain” hype has gotten so bad that just about anything that can be said, has been said and as a result, new projects find themselves having to make even bigger promises that they will be unable to keep.  Expectation management is nigh impossible and it is a global craze (I visited Asia three times already and saw this exuberance first hand)

Along the way, I found some interesting, quiet groups: in addition to a couple stealth projects, I joined Blockseer as an advisor and Elm as a consultant.

Below are some of the activities I was involved and participated in.


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