Stat of the day: foreign students in China

With a goal of attracting 500,000 foreign students annually by 2020, the mid-way point has now been crossed.   According to CNN:

About 290,000 studied in China in 2011, compared to just over 60,000 in 2001, according to the MOE. South Koreans (62,442) were the largest group of foreign students studying in China in 2011, followed by Americans (23,292). The Japanese (17,961), Russians (13,340), Indonesians (10,957) and Indians (9,370) also have large student populations, while almost 50,000 Europeans undertook some form of tertiary study in China in 2011, led by France (7,592) and Germany (5,451).

In contrast, there were roughly 194,000 Chinese students in the US last year and nearly 1 million foreign students altogether.

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