Shanghai BarCamp 2013

About a week ago I mentioned a Shanghai geek/tech event called BarCamp.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but a good friend of mine, Veli-Antti Ruismäki, was able to.  Here are some of this thoughts he emailed me:

I attended the Shanghai BarCamp on March 23 at the Hult Business School. A day of exhilarating topics ranging from agile project management to decision theory and negotiating tactics to gamification and 3d-printing meant I walked out with a ton of new ideas and refreshed views on things.  The event boasted 40+ topics so there was sure to be something for everyone. A must-go when they organize it again next fall.   Maybe I’ll even present something myself next time.

Have you attended any similar events or expos on the mainland recently?   Send me a message and share it with us.

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