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I was quoted a couple times in a new Reuters article, “All the rage a year ago, bitcoin sputters as adoption stalls.”

I think it is probably more accurate to say that according to the Bitcoin Distribution Chart, that there are roughly 250,000 to 500,000 ‘individuals’ controlling “wallets” (there really is no such thing as a wallet with respect to the Bitcoin protocol) with more than 1 bitcoin.  The vast majority of the rest are probably categorizable as unclaimed tips, ‘dust’ (originally less than 5460 satoshi, now less than 546 satoshi), purposeful spam for research (taint analysis), etc.

Also (and I’m at fault for doing it too), we probably should stop using the word “liquidity” when more accurate words are probably velocity or movement.  Liquidity has a different meaning in the financial markets.

A few other posts I wrote this past fall include:

[Note: I was also quoted earlier this month in Questions Linger as Daily Bitcoin Transactions Pass 100,000 Milestone from CoinDesk and Analysis: Around 70% of Bitcoins Unspent for Six Months or More also from CoinDesk]


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