One clarification and one correction

Got an email over the weekend from someone that watched my presentation (video).  He was asking me about the specific situation in which someone resells a bitcoin or smart contract that had previously been stolen.

I am not a lawyer, but the underlying principle for this issue is called nemo dat.  In the US there is an exception related to legal tender that has been sold and resold.  If you are concerned about this issue, especially as it relates to digital currencies, smart contracts and smart property be sure to speak with an attorney.  I can recommend some.

The correction in that video is related to remittances, I slipped and said $30 billion for received remittances in China.  The actual number is $60 billion.  I mention more in Chapter 6 (the top three are $71 billion for India, $60 billion for China and $26 billion for the Philippines).

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