Visualizing sidechains and tabulating the aggregate losses of UTXOs (bitcoins)

Last night I gave a presentation covering the new sidechains “blockchain 2.0” project from Austin Hill and Adam Back. I also covered some of the challenges of information security on the edges of the Bitcoin network.

The talk is based largely on a paper I finished drafting this month called: “Learning from Bitcoin’s past to improve its future” (pdf)

Below is a video of the presentation as well as the corresponding slides. All errors are my own. Many thanks to: Dave Babbitt, Preston Byrne, Hudson Cashdan, Joseph Chow, Petri Kajander, Taariq Lewis, Jonathan Levin, Andrew Miller, Pieter Nooren, John Ratcliff, Robert Sams, Koen Swinkels and Andy Toshi for their feedback and constructive criticism.

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