Evolution of the cloud

Spent several days earlier this week with some brilliant software engineers who not only were domain experts but were very articulate about topics beyond the sci-tech world.  I posted a couple of tweets (here and here).  I’d like to thank Matthew Wilson for arranging the brainstorming sessions as well as Patrick Michaud, Larry Wall, Jonathan Worthington and Ingy for their hard work and creative collaboration.

Some of the topics and projects we discussed:

  • Firebase
  • Hadoop ecosystem
  • CaaS/SaaS/PaaS/IaaS (OpenStack, Docker, CloudFoundry, Stackato)
  • Intentional Software
  • Semantic Web, Programmable Web
  • Git
  • Domain-driven paradigm (Eclipse Xtext/DSLT, OMeta, Colm)
  • Joyent Manta
  • Rackspace ZeroVM
  • Meteor
  • Reactive paradigm
  • Cloud Haskell, Persistent Haskell

For those interested, if you really want to know about the hottest trends and innovations in software, be sure to look at the upcoming FOSDEM conference schedule.

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