Another Brick in the Wall: Link Edition XXVII

Perhaps the biggest story that I have come across this past week is the newly unveiled plan to move 250 million rural residents to cities over the next 12-15 years.  This raises multiple questions: What will they do after the forced migration? Do they have any useful skills for urban environments?

This is not to say that this will end in collapse or some other doomsday scenario but if there were opportunities that rural migrants were capable of achieving in the cities they wouldn’t have to force people to move.  How are things going to be when the cities are full of unemployed migrants?

Either way, this probably does provide an opportunity to training companies that may find demand from relatively unskilled individuals looking to receive training for skilled work, so they can find work (or create companies that do).  This pretty much opens up the spectrum of training possibilities, though obviously affordability may also be a big issue (e.g., rural migrants are relatively poor, typically earning less than $5,000 a year).  See Chapter 9 for more ideas on the education and training segment.

Other news stories, some courtesy of Sinocism:

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