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David Cordeiro is a good friend of mine back in Dallas and an all-around Renaissance man who has raised two very smart sons.  The eldest, Jacob, at the ripe age of 15, just published his first book: Minecraft for Dummies.

His book was recently reviewed over at Connect With Your Teens (here) and he was also interviewed at Cogito (here).  I wanted to congratulate Jacob on a job well-done, look forward to getting your autograph the next time I’m back in Texas.

So remember, it is never too late to begin writing about hobbies and interests you are passionate about.  In fact, I recently learned a coworker of mine in Shanghai (Doug Pancoast) successfully completed a Kickstarter project last month to raise funds for a paper edition of his upcoming book.

Speaking of which, if you are looking for info about crowdfunding in China, here is an excellent overview: Tapping into Crowd Power with Website Finance from Caixin.

And if you are looking for Chinese-to-English or English-to-Chinese language translation services, I mention several in Chapter 2.  A few of the top China-based translation firms are CLS Communication, Sinophone, Yuyi and Berlo.  The top Western-based services are: Mission Essential Personnel, Lionbridge Technologies, TransPerfect and ManpowerGroup (see: The Top 100 Language Service Providers from Common Sense Advisory).

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